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Subdivision of the ©Omni-Galactic Comitas Gentium™



The purpose of this committee is for the essential needs of the beneficiary(ies) under the provisions of the appointments and assignments held by trustees under the mandate of the ©OMNI GALACTIC COMITAS GENTIUM™ for basic, necessities under emergency powers for cure and maintenance of the estate, including utilities, housing, transportation, trade-line agreements, research and development…etc.

1.   © General Treasurer Absolute;    ADMINISTRATIO    }  Payout Agent™

2.   © Comptroller General Absolute;  ADMINISTRATIO }  Transfer Agent™

3.    © Auditor Absolute General;   ADMINISTRATIO       }  Issue Agent™


1.   © General Registrar Absolute;   EXECUTIO     }  Payout Agent™

2.  © Receiver General Absolute;    EXECUTIO      }  Transfer Agent™

3.   © Executor Absolute General ;  EXECUTIO     }  Issue Agent™


1.  © General Governor Absolute;   LEGISLATIO     }  Payout Agent™

2.  © Solicitor General Absolute;     LEGISLATIO    }  Transfer Agent™

3.  © Public Guardian Absolute General;  LEGISLATIO    }  Issue Agent™


1.    © General Judge Absolute;  JUDICIO    }  Payout Agent™

2.   © Postmaster General Absolute;  JUDICIO   }  Transfer Agent™

3.   © Attorney Absolute General;  JUDICIO    }  Issue Agent™

In respect to the COMMITTEE OF OMNI-GALACTIC COMITAS GENTIUM’S Public Guardian General Absolute’s mandate) shall regard this Structure as their principal guide, supplementation from time to time by their number or any other person, an Auditor, Registrar, Receiver, Comptroller, Postmaster, Solicitor, Attorney, Governor, Guardian, Secretary, Treasurer, Judge, Trustee, or any other trustee offices they may deem expedient for proper function.  Any TRUSTEES may hold two or more offices simultaneously; their duties are usual or are under prescription.  They may contract with agents, executives, or other contract-labor, or designate third parties to hold funds for specific purposes.  THIS TRUST SHALL NOT SPECIFICALLY ENGAGE IN ANY TYPE OF EMPLOYER-EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIP, but shall carry on all services, etc. in the form of specific CONTRACT-LABOR ARRANGEMENTS, whenever possible. 

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